Destiny 2 Raid Lair Eater of Worlds goes live on Friday

We got our first take a gander at Destiny 2 Eater of Worlds, the main Destiny 2 strike refuge, in the Curse of Osiris dispatch trailer that touched base on our doorstep recently. That development went live yesterday, and today Bungie declared that the ways to the new Leviathan joint will open on Friday.


Destiny 2


Eater of Worlds is a six-man operation that will happen on Leviathan, the enormous Cabal transport that is likewise home to the Destiny 2 assault of a similar name. We haven’t seen a definite breakdown of what’s in store yet—would prefer not to ruin those shocks!— however regardless of the well-known setting it will present new areas and another supervisor.


Destiny 2


It will be equivalently testing (and there will be a Prestige trouble, for players who can’t get enough) however require to a lesser degree a period duty, which will come as uplifting news for players whose hands have transformed into perma-paws nightfall of irately gripping the mouse while attempting to traverse that silly Gauntlet goat rodeo.

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Not that I’m talking from individual experience or anything. What we do have at this moment are displays of the Eater of Worlds ornamented protective layer that can be seen at the assault seller at the present time. See anything you like?

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